ZanMan Trippin Releases “Bad Ones” Visual

North Atlanta has a wave of artist making noise out of Georgia. One county in Atlanta called Gwinnett County has birth artist like Migos, Thouxanbanfauni, and Que. Out of Lawrenceville a small city in Gwinnett comes ZanMan Trippin. That name tells it all, and the music matches it. One of Atlanta’s top elite club promoters Certified Dream has a plan to break ZanMan Trippin record “Bad Ones”. The record is about bossin up and balling out. Being able to spned them dollars on a good looking woman. With the video being shot at Magic City. It’s strictly for the clubs. It’s a Gwinnett County thing for sure with getting money. With Fetti G his manager behind him. ZanMan Trippin can make a name for himself for the summer. Check out the video for “Bad Ones”. If you like make sure you check out “Havin My Way” as well!