U.T.I.C.A FT A Meazy – H.O.F (Hand Ova Fist) @utica_sme

U.T.I.C.A’s “H.O.F – Hand Ova Fist” featuring up and coming artist A Meazy, is a bass booming, in your face record that showcases both artists boasting about the ease that comes with making hits and/ or the escapades of a rapper/ hip hop artist. The newly released video, shot in Las Vegas by renowned videographer, Jeremy Pape w/ Collective Culture, takes viewers on a trippy/ psychedelic type experience that starts underwater and then on to a handful of other familiar and somewhat odd places in the city of sin.

Cameron Mason aka U.T.I.C.A, short for “Undeniably The Illest Cat Around”, is a recording artist from Denver, CO. Rapping since the age of 15, he took on the moniker in tribute to the street he grew up on through a majority of his childhood. A student to the craft, hes put out numerous albums/ mixtapes and has continued building a resume working on his 9th solo project “ ill “ set for release in 2019. Combined with high energy performances and an audience growing worldwide, it appears that this seasoned vet is just getting started.