Stevie Fooley – Fooley’s Perspective (EP) | @Stevie_Fooley

Newport News, VA native, Stevie Fooley dropped off a new EP yesterday, centered around his personal and creative perspective.

The intro track, “Another Hood Story” is a reality spoof based on a variety of urban films
set in the 90’s era. Stevie uses those films and unconventional presentation, which was heavenly, influenced by one of his many idols Spike Lee, to conceptualize and depict the harsh reality of life growing up in the hood and how it can help or hurt the people born in it.

Between each verse and chorus are recordings about growing up in Stevie’s hometown of Newport News. His choices of dark drums and soulful sounds help portray his unique perspective of another hood story.

Tune in below for his latest body of work, “Fooley’s Perspective”.