R-Mean Drops New #MeanMondays Track “Guap Callin'”

Armenian-American rapper R-Mean rocked the hip hop world when he began his Mean Monday campaign, vowing to release a new track every Monday for 52 weeks. Now 33 weeks into the campaign, R-Mean has amped things up with “Guap Callin’”. The song features a sick backing, produced by Viruss Beats, and acts as a true testament to R-Mean’s success. Throughout the track, R-Mean raps about his singular love of cash, but given his relentless work ethic and many acts of political advocacy, this love seems well-deserved.

In 2005, R-Mean made his debut with Broken Water, a mixtape that found fame thanks to his track about the Armenian Genocide, “Open Wounds”. Since the song’s re-release and 2013 music video, R- Mean has gained impressive celebrity support for the Armenian cause and established himself as one of hip hop’s biggest advocates for social change. Beyond just gaining recognition, R- Mean wants a united front of Armenian youth working together to better the country’s future.

“Me being of Armenian descent, it’s a way for me to represent my people, which is a vital part of Hip Hop culture,” said R- Mean. This sincerity and passion have been a pivotal part of R-Mean’s success as an artist. Though “Guap Callin’” is a great rack for getting the blood flowing, I’d encourage all to explore the full breadth of R-Mean’s repertoire.