Niqa Mor -Romeo Must Die | @Niqa_Mor

Romeo Must Die stemmed from a bad break up. It was a five year relationship with a great deal of back and forth. Niqa Mor feels as women, they deal with a lot of indecisiveness with men. Men who are always unsure about what they want even after years of granting them unconditional love and consistency. Niqa was so angry when she wrote Romeo Must Die but had no idea how many women had a “Romeo” of their own.

This shoot was definitely the most confident and comfortable she’s ever felt on set.

Real hair, real body, real emotions. Something she struggled with embracing prior. Sex appeal has always been a percentage of her personal empowerment, but it’s not everything. It’s the ability to be her authentic self in every fashion, shape, and form and still feel like the MOST HIGH [God] with a pimple and a sweated-out wash and set. Miss Mor will never dim her light or “musical note it down” for anyone ever again. Know that.

ROMEO is any person, place or thing that has caused chaos and destruction in youlifespanfe.
DIE referring to the ending of toxic cycles and chapters. Free yourself, and almost importantly, KNOW yourself and your value.

Genius (verified)