Manchester Rapper Librian Strikes a Relatable Chord in New Video Release

“Who Are You” is the latest single off Manchester rapper Librian’s mixtape, The Who. The music video is a balance of light and dark, black and white. It showcases Librian emotionally rapping about the faith and patience that have kept him going in the face of many obstacles. It is hard not to relate to Librian when he is spilling details about his past, especially when many of these stories feature problems that people all over the world experience on a daily basis. His message is one of hope and inspires listeners to always stay true to themselves.



With a voice similar to Kendrick Lamar’s, Librian’s intimate lyrics take you on a personal journey through his own life and struggles. From worrying about disappointing his mom to contemplating whether his life was worth living, the track makes helps you understand Librian on a personal level and relate to his music. This type of honesty, paired with a music video that actually showcases the artist and his talent, is a breath of fresh air in the rap industry.

The video ends with bright lights framing Librian as he tells his listeners to stay true to themselves, so that when someone inevitably asks, “Who are you?”, they can answer with confidence.