Kieshaun Youngblood – A Bitter Heart @KieshaunY

Kieshaun Youngblood is a mind in control of his reality, who views life both in detail an simplicity. When asked what is hip hop? He says, “music has no physical shape or form, it is an idea. So as generations change so do those ideas which create new ‘waves’ of sound as time continues.” Kieshaun Youngblood sees himself as a tsunami that’ll wipe out the perception of the industry to build a new. Growing up in low poverty, living with many families of different cultures/races. He’s developed a sound and heart for all those in his world.

His new video delves deep into his feeling and is titled “A Bitter Heart”.

A Bitter Heart wasn’t a song directed at any specific person, but a combination of different emotions from all past relationships. Explaining how even when everything is all good, it can go bad with just your own thoughts.