Keeneng – I Miss You California @keenengvang

Born and raised in Madison, Wisconsin; Keeneng has been a musician for most of his life. As a youth he taught himself piano, bass and guitar. Around the age 14, he joined his Father’s band and initially played bass then later on transitioned to keyboard. For many years he played at various Hmong party events. At 15 years old he wrote and produced his own album with the help of Paradyme Productions in Madison. He is now using his 10+ years of experience to help up-and-coming artists grow and is planning to release more of his own music soon.

That of course is after he ushers in his ode to the go-to destination spot, California. When asked about “I Miss You California, he had this to say:

Being from Wisconsin, the weather is always moody. It’s pretty much spring here and for some reason we still have snow on the ground. This past winter I went to California for the first time and it completely changed me. The weather, the girls, the view, it’s a whole different world out there. I missed it so much that when I came back to WI, I immediately wrote this song.

Bask in the warmth of Keeneng’s latest via YouTube.