Doap Introduction: China-Marie’s Got Next


China-Marie is a free-spirit hippie at heart from Portland, Oregon. Her passion for music started at the young age of eight. She would sing along to Neo-Soul records that her mother would play around the house. She took a leap of faith and moved from Portland, Oregon to Los Angeles where she then connected with Too $hort who became one of China-Marie’s mentors and biggest supporter.  DoapHouse sat down with the sultry songstress recently for a Q&A and we also learned that her upcoming album ‘Potpourri’ will be dropping this June.

DH: Where were you born and where do you reside now?

I am from Portland, Oregon and now reside in Los Angeles, CA

DH: When and how did your love for music begin?

My love for music started when I would watch music videos on 106 & Park. I was around 9/10 years old and I wanted to make people feel how the videos and music made me feel; free.  Something about the video just took you to another world and I was intrigued.

DH: Whats been the greatest lesson you’ve learned thus far in the industry that you applied?

I have learned that you have to believe before anyone else believes in you. More importantly know the business, don’t get so focused on the music that you forget the business. It’s called the music BUSINESS  for a reason. Knowledge is key!

DH: Can you talk about how you and Too Short began to collab?
I’ve know Short for awhile now. We met at a video shoot when I first first moved to LA. I sang for him and he love my voice so we have been connected since then.
DH: What is the name and meaning of the name behind your upcoming  project and when can we expect it?
The concept for my album ‘Potpourri’ goes like this-

When you smell popery it’s like reflecting on what use to be

Once so fresh and beautiful

Still holds it’s smell but it’s dead

With multiple lifeless petals 

Put together it looks like something worth keeping for display 

But at the end of the day

It continues to decay

When you stay in a relationship because you have so much history or so many memories with a person- it looks like something worth keeping for display but at the end of the day it continues to decay. That’s POTPOURRI and it releases on June 19th

DH: If you could only use 3 words to describe your album what would they be?

Original, Authentic and Lit
DH: As a female in a male-dominated music industry, how do you handle it or use it to your advantage?
People that know me and people that meet me for the first time know that I am about my business and my craft. If you are serious about music you will attract the same type of people most the time. At least in my experience, I do.
DH: Where can people follow you and check out more from China-Marie? 

You can follow me on all social platforms @chinamariemusic


Check out China-Marie’s video for her single “Feelin” below!