Amai Kuda et Les Bois Powerful EP Breaks Cultural Boundaries

Community activist, educator and the lead singer/songwriter for Amai Kuda et Les Bois Amai Kuda shares a message of peace through her new EP AfroSoul Volume III: Re’. Amai’s lead track “Train” off the EP “Train” breaks cultural borders. The release of the second powerful track called “Mountain” didn’t keep us waiting long. With the catchy guitar riffs and foot-tapping drumbeat this new track makes you want to hear it upon waking up in the morning, driving along the highway, hiking through the wilderness, and any time you are feeling introspective and hopeful. The emotive guitar and amazing folk sound subtly fulfill each other.


Listen to the AfroSoul Volume III: Re’ below and don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy Amai’s craft and book the tickets for the upcoming Re’aWAKEning which will take place on May 5th. Book tickets here to find out the venue.